Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 15th Anniversary

Order from my husband's friend, a teacher of SK Cyberjaya. I remembered yesterday he told me bout this 15th anniversary, so i guess it should be ok if i write 'HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY'. I woke up at 4 this morning to deco d cake n i wrote what i thought is correct. Woke him up at 6, he asked bout d cake...

Him: kek mcmana?
Me: siap dah...
Him: tulis apa?
Me: happy 15th anniversary lah...
Him: laaa... abang dah cakap semalam 'selamat ulang tahun ke 15'!
Me: ???!!! ya ka? bukan abang kata happy anniversary ka?
Alamaks! Sudah salah la... Ampun kak, hopefully u dont mind...

N one more thing, she did mention she wants a big cake, 2kg. So off i went to Manis to buy a new mould as i dont have a square 10 inch mould. After maghrib i started to bake n suddenly d mould couldn't fit into d oven la pulak! Changed d plan immediately! So i used 9 inch mould n 5 inch round mould to bake d cake, tu yg jd 2 tier tu... ampun again kak (i should ask him her name la!) ... abang, time for a bigger oven kot ek...? :)

errr... cam panjang ja aku tulis kali ni...

Cuppies for Judges

JPAM organized a Showtime by sem 1 students on d October 22nd. KJ asked for a box of cuppies for each of the judges n also for d VIP which was d TPA. It was really a challenged for me cause she asked for somethung beautiful... pandai ke aku nak deko cecantik nih??? Well i have tried my very best, n hopefully they like it :)

I dont know which goes to whom anyway coz i was not in charge of d gift, plus i was bz looking after d kids, they were bored n sleepy and yet started to run all over d hall :)
N hey, proud to say that my class DPM 1A won!!! They presented a drama 'Blind Love'. U're great guys! Very proud of u!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cupcake n Muffin for CIMB Bangunan UMNO

My sister in law works at CIMB Bangunan UMNO seksyen 11. I gave her some sample of cupcake to bring to her office, n later on that day, i got a call from her telling me bout these orders. They ordered not in a very big amount but since they want it at the same day, so shouldn't be a problem for me to prepare even though ada yg nak cuma 2 biji... hmmm kena buat minimum order la lepas ni ek...

A box of 10 muffins n 1 choc moist cupcake n 1 butter cream cheese cupcake. Lucky my SIL ordered a whole butter cream cheese cake for her house warming, so i managed to sneak some for 2 cuppies :) sowi kak...

A box of 3 cuppies

A box of 10 cuppies

Friday, October 22, 2010

My handy helper

My kids helping me with the baking :)

This little baby sister will join the brothers in no time :)

Cuppies for JPAM

Mostly every week at JPAM PSA there will be somebody dgn murah hatinya akan buat kenduri, either breakfast or lunch, semoga semakin murah rezeki orang tu. And latest was kenduri for bakal haji. There will be 2 lecturers who are going to perform their haj, so we recite Yasin during tazkirah slot n after that MAKAN!!! I brought some butter cream cheese cupcake. Happened to be that hubby just got back from a course in Cameron Highland, n he bought sooooo many strawberries n tea with all sorts of flavour. So i decorated some of the cuppies with whole strawberry on top. Some with the swirl tip that turned like a rose. The roses look beautiful that night, but i forgot to keep the cuppies in the fridge! The next morning, they were like melted :(

Another box of the cuppies..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cupcake n Cake for SK Cyberjaya

Some collegues of my hubby knew that i'm in this lil biz of baking but some didn't. They kind of overheard about it n they ask for some sample. So hubby request for these cuppies to bring to his school for jamuan raya, as well as for promotion, killing two birds with one stone :) hehe... Choc moist cupcake with buttercream n choc moist cupcake with ganache.
2 whole choc moist cake ordered by the teacher from SK Cyberjaya for her son's birthday n also for jamuan hari raya

Weekend project

My baking project last weekend as hubby was not around, brought his students for a camping. I baked 2 whole cake coz i wanted to polish my skills on icing d cake. It turned out good (i think :/)!!
Tak la cantik like a pro, but looks ok for me coz i went for a deco class only once, n that was like long time ago... This one was given away to my sis in law.
I DID IT! Practise d drawing skill :) this one i kept for my kids n hubby. Excited nih nak tunjuk kat en Fazli hikhik!
A ladybug. Camne ek org buat ladybug cantik2? hhhmmm need to learn more... I also baked some cuppies ordered by ECPI tokey in shah alam, n as usual i forget to snap!!! Forgetful me :( Next time around kena remind in prior to snap all d pictures.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Feels like ages since i last blog... but wonder whether or not i have the reader :/ i have moved to shah alam polytechnic since feb 2010, finally the kids need not to wave their father anymore on sunday when he hop on the bus heading to shah alam. They are much more healthier and happier now, n the joy doubled with the presence of the new baby sister, Nawal Annisa my little princess, she really makes me feel as if i have now completed my motherhood...
Now the baking project, still on top of the list (of my passion) but not as active as before coz i can't really spend time on the baking. Lots of things await in the list, n of course they are much more important, to serve my family needs... n living here in the city, time really flies. Caught in the jam which i never experienced in perlis before, pay the tol everyday which cost like a bomb for me, a single lunch which i can spend for a week lunch in perlis, n new friens who spend like no body's business.
Apart from all of the complaints, i am actually very happy coz i can share the pain n the joy with my hubby, without having to tell him what had happened today thru the phone. Thank you Allah for You have answered my prayer...
Okay friends, i will update u with the pictures of the cuppies n cake that i have managed to baked so far later k, still looking for the cable which i have missplaced somewhere :(

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday cake for Hubby

Birthday en hubby dah lama lepas, on December 15, saja upload gambar ja la kat sini. Promised to make him a blueberry cheese cake ala Secret Recipe, alhamdulillah menjadi walaupun tak secantik SR... but i did it with love tau hehe...

Full version

Dah tinggal separuh, sekali ngadap ja dgn anak :)

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