Friday, October 22, 2010

Cuppies for JPAM

Mostly every week at JPAM PSA there will be somebody dgn murah hatinya akan buat kenduri, either breakfast or lunch, semoga semakin murah rezeki orang tu. And latest was kenduri for bakal haji. There will be 2 lecturers who are going to perform their haj, so we recite Yasin during tazkirah slot n after that MAKAN!!! I brought some butter cream cheese cupcake. Happened to be that hubby just got back from a course in Cameron Highland, n he bought sooooo many strawberries n tea with all sorts of flavour. So i decorated some of the cuppies with whole strawberry on top. Some with the swirl tip that turned like a rose. The roses look beautiful that night, but i forgot to keep the cuppies in the fridge! The next morning, they were like melted :(

Another box of the cuppies..

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