Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend project

My baking project last weekend as hubby was not around, brought his students for a camping. I baked 2 whole cake coz i wanted to polish my skills on icing d cake. It turned out good (i think :/)!!
Tak la cantik like a pro, but looks ok for me coz i went for a deco class only once, n that was like long time ago... This one was given away to my sis in law.
I DID IT! Practise d drawing skill :) this one i kept for my kids n hubby. Excited nih nak tunjuk kat en Fazli hikhik!
A ladybug. Camne ek org buat ladybug cantik2? hhhmmm need to learn more... I also baked some cuppies ordered by ECPI tokey in shah alam, n as usual i forget to snap!!! Forgetful me :( Next time around kena remind in prior to snap all d pictures.

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