Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cuppies for Judges

JPAM organized a Showtime by sem 1 students on d October 22nd. KJ asked for a box of cuppies for each of the judges n also for d VIP which was d TPA. It was really a challenged for me cause she asked for somethung beautiful... pandai ke aku nak deko cecantik nih??? Well i have tried my very best, n hopefully they like it :)

I dont know which goes to whom anyway coz i was not in charge of d gift, plus i was bz looking after d kids, they were bored n sleepy and yet started to run all over d hall :)
N hey, proud to say that my class DPM 1A won!!! They presented a drama 'Blind Love'. U're great guys! Very proud of u!!

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